microtuf® FS42CS

CSA Approved Mass Flow Switch

  • Standard 1 inch 150# Raised Face Flange
  • Works in most pipe sizes!
  • Pre-calibrated for water flow!
  • Arrives Ready to Install!

Product Overview

Mass Flow Switch for the detection of the mass flow rate of liquids and gases. Self heating sensor design improves repeatability. No separate heater to fail or slow response time.


Weight9 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 8 in


Process Connection

1 inch, 150#, Raised Face Flange

Sensor Material

316L Stainless Steel

Insertion Length

2.00 inch, 3.50 inch, 4.00 inch, 5.00 inch

Power Input

110VAC, 24VDC


DPDT Relay 5A 250VAC


Local Electronics

Common Questions

Q: How does a thermal flow switch work 
A: Similar to the way wind chills a wet hiker, material flowing over a thermal (heated) flow switch sensor cools it down, tripping a relay, or switch.

Q: What is the operating flow range of the microtuf® 
A: The detection range of the switch for flowing water (0.01FPS to 5FPS) and air (0.1FPS to 450FPS). The switch will detect movement in most fluids. Contact the factory for application in other media.

Q: Will microtuf® work in other fluids or gasses 
A: Yes. Your thermal switch will inform you of changes in many moving fluids and gasses. Contact the factory for application in other media.

Q. Does the insertion depth matter 
A: As long as the tips are inserted deep enough to be covered by the process fluid it will respond.

Q: Does orientation of the sensor matter 
A: Yes. The tips should be oriented perpendicular to the flow stream and are clearly marked for easy installation.

Q: What is the response time of a microtuf® 
A: The microtuf’s response times to different flow set points will vary depending on the physical properties of process material, usually responding from one second to a few seconds.

Q: Can it be set to trip on increasing or decreasing flow 
A: Yes, and it will arrive at your plant with a factory standard calibration.

Q. Can I change the calibration myself if I want to 
A: Yes, simple to use instructions for calibration are included with your switch.

Q: What is the environmental temperature rating of the microtuf® 
A: The electronics are rated to operate reliably from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C), and sensor from -100°F to 390°F (-70°C to +200°C).

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