microtuf® LS32CS – CSA Rated

Tank & Railcar Overfill Sensor

  • Adjustable Insertion Length!
  • Pre-calibrated for most liquids!
  • Arrives Ready to Install!

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Product Overview

Safety Begins with DELTA M overfill protection for railcars, tank trucks and liquid transport vessels around the world. It’s an easy-to-use, ruggedly constructed Tank Loading Probe. Operators quickly adjust the length to their specific fill height with its fast-locking clamp. Filling operations use it in the widest variety of materials and temperatures, in hazardous areas and corrosive environments.




Process Connection


Sensor Material

316L Stainless Steel

Insertion Length

32.00 Inch

Power Input

110VAC, 24VDC


DPDT Relay 5A 250VAC


Remote Electronics

Common Questions

Q: How does a thermal Tank Loading Probe (TLP) work 
A: When a rising fill liquid covers the warmed probe tip it cools, signaling the presence of liquid. The sensor is a stable platinum RTD that is highly reliable, and signals a relay to trip.

Q. Does it matter if my liquid is already hot 
A: Your TLP will operate within a very broad temperature range. The warm tip is always kept warmer than the process liquid and will function reliably between -100°F to 390°F (-70°C to 200°C).

Q: How long is the probe 
A: Your TLP probe is 32” long overall, has height/depth grade markings on it for easy identification and a simple quickly latching clamp to adjust the height easily, even while wearing heavy gloves.

Q: What is the response time of a TLP 
A: The TLP’s response times in different liquids will vary depending on the physical properties of the liquid material, but usually responding from one second to a few seconds.

Q: Will the TLP operate if it gets coated 
A: Up to a certain thickness of deposit, the TLP can still function reliably when coated though it is recommended that the probe be cleaned after each use, or when coating becomes apparent. Response times will understandably be longer when coated and performance becomes impossible to accurately predict.

Q: How does the height adjustment work in closed dome situations 
A: The TLP can be ordered with either an open dome easy clamp-on adjustment or a closed dome KamLok type coupling. Both are easy to use even with heavy work gloves.

Q. Can I re-calibrate the TLP myself if I want to 
A: Yes, simple to use instructions for calibration are included with your switch.

Q: What is the environmental temperature rating of the TLP components 
A: The electronics are rated to operate reliably from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C), and sensor from -100°F to 390°F (-70°C to +200°C).

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